We believe in dreaming big

on comfortable beds.

Who we are and
what we do

Established in 2017, myBeddie is a brand of The Point Bureau (Pty) Ltd.

Sleep is an investment in the energy you need to be your best tomorrow. Good quality sleep makes us happier, healthier and more productive. At myBeddie we believe that everyone deserves a good quality, comfortable bed to sleep on.

myBeddie is all about quality, convenience and accessibility.

Country-Wide Vision

Our vision is to increase quality of sleep by providing high standard, comfortable beds that are easily accessible and transportable to any corner of the country.

We also aim to uplift South Africans by creating opportunities to earn supplementary income and be economically productive.

On a Mission

Our mission is to offer high quality, but most importantly affordable mattresses and beds to every household in South Africa. This is done by the introduction of the “Bed in a Box” concept.

The myBeddie dealership program allows anyone to be part of the process. The myBeddie distribution network enables us to reach all walks of life across South Africa while distributors benefit from an extra income

Doing What We Love

We specialise in providing high quality mattresses and bed bases in a box, which makes the product convenient to transport. High quality mattresses are vacuum packed and packaged in a manageable size box with wheels for easy transport. We’ve made sure they fit in to any vehicle or small space.

People can also become involved in our business and earn extra income as a myBeddie dealer. This allows us to get mattresses to every community.

I thought to myself, “there must be a better way”

It started with a mother battling to get a mattress home to her children. And now we have found a way for everyone to have a good night’s rest that is affordable and easily transportable.

Paul Snyman

The Story

A woman I worked with asked for a day off. After chatting with her I gathered that she was supporting her three children. The children shared a bed and the mattress they were sleeping on had been worn through. She had to get them a new mattress soon, as we were experiencing a cold winter as well. I knew she was working two jobs and I released how difficult it must be for her.


When she returned two days later I asked if she managed to find a replacement mattress. Her response was that she was not able to find an affordable mattress that would support three children and transport costs made it even worse.


I was sadden by the fact that she had such a tough time and that the children did not have the basic comfort of a good night’s rest. At the same time a friend of mine had just moved and he had bought himself a new bed. He agreed that she could have the old one. I felt relieved that I could help. This was however short lived as she informed me a day or two later that she won’t be able to take the mattress as she cannot arrange for transport. I decided to pick up and deliver the mattress myself. While driving, I thought to myself there must be a better way. There must be a way for everyone to have a good night’s rest that is affordable and easily transportable.

That dream is now a reality.


I started myBeddie to make sure we all sleep comfortably at a fraction of the price. Today we have dealers sharing in the profits and making sure we can reach everyone. The Bed in a Box concept has made it possible to reach all corners of South Africa.


The woman in my story became one of the first dealers and she has successfully supplemented her income by providing a valuable product in her community.

Your future depends on your dreams,

so go to sleep on one of our myBeddie beds and make your dreams come true.


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